Sub-Process L - SHOULD Recommendations, Implementation Strategies and High-Level Plan Approved


Gain approval of the SHOULD Recommendations, Implementation Strategies and High-Level Plan from the Steering Team.

It will take approximately 2 to 4 days to complete each key activity and a total elapsed time of approximately 1 to 2 weeks to complete this sub-process and the next one (Sub-Process M—Implementation Scoped).

You will help the Design Team prepare a final SHOULD Presentation to management. Then the Design Team and the Process Owner will make the presentation to the Steering Team. The Executive Team, Key Stakeholders and the Project Sponsor are also briefed.

Step Tool Outcome
Step 31
SHOULD Presentation Planned
SHOULD Presentation Memo Presenters and attendees prepared for the SHOULD Presentation
Step 32
SHOULD Presentation Conducted
None applicable SHOULD Recommendations, Implementation Strategies and High-Level Implementation Plan and Budget approved

  • The Facilitator and Process Owner should meet with Steering Team members individually in advance of the presentation to seek agreement on ground rules for the meeting that will help make the experience constructive and productive. Ground rules might include:
    • Ask for clarification of questionable areas.
    • Participate! We want your guidance and to know your concerns.
    • Do not "cherry pick" the Recommendations. Recognize that discarding any of the Recommendations could jeopardize meeting Project Goals.
    • Limit discussion of Implementation to strategic issues—such things as organization preparedness, general scope of the change effort and actions Steering Team members can take to help ensure success. Remember that Detailed Implementation Plans will be developed and presented to the Steering Team later.
  • The Facilitator should schedule "dry runs" (practice sessions) with the presenters to allow opportunity for fine-tuning the presentation as well as to increase their comfort level.