Sub.Process J - SHOULD Process Designed


Design a new process that addresses the Process-Level Disconnects identified during IS Analysis.

It will take approximately 6 to 12 days to complete each key activity and a total elapsed time of approximately 3 to 9 weeks to complete this sub-process and the prior one (Sub-Process I-SHOULD Phase Initiated).

In a series of SHOULD Sessions, the Design Team builds a Cross-Functional SHOULD Process Map, including Process Metrics, for the new process. The new process design incorporates changes (from the Steering Team and other Key Stakeholders) to the IS documentation and the SHOULD Design Specifications.

Step Tool Outcome
Step 23
Sub-Processes and Metrics Identified

Metrics Chain

SHOULD Process Design Approach

SHOULD Sub-Processes, Outputs, Requirements, Assumptions and M1 and M2 Metrics identified

Step 24
Sub-Processes Designed

Linear Process Map

Major Process Steps, Outputs, Requirements and Assumptions required to produce Sub-Process Outputs designed

Step 25
Cross-Functional Role/Responsibility Matrix Developed
Cross-Functional Role / Responsibility Matrix

New function roles identified

Step 26
Cross-Functional SHOULD Process Map Developed and Tested

Cross-Functional Process Map

Human Performance System Checklist

Human Performance System Model

SHOULD Organization Profile

Cross-Functional SHOULD Process Map, including Outputs, Requirements, Assumptions and Specifications developed and tested

SHOULD Organization Profile finalized

Step 27
SHOULD Design and Recommendations Previewed and Implementation Discussed

Change Model

General Implementation Strategy

Implementation Infrastructure

Implementation Management Model

Implementation Phase Role/Responsibility Matrix

Organization Barriers and Enablers

Process Redesign Framework

Readiness / Disruption

SHOULD Design and Recommendations Preview Session Memo

Refinements to SHOULD Design and Recommendations made and General Implementation Strategy developed

Step 28 Recommendations Developed and Clustered


Detailed Recommendations to support the new process developed


Any changes to the SHOULD Design Specifications should be noted carefully because these will greatly affect development of the SHOULD Process.