Task 1 - Identify Interviewees

In this task you will determine the individuals other than the Project Sponsor, Process Owner and the Executive Team you need to interview for project scoping.

If you think there are other individuals who can provide detail about the process to be improved, you should consider interviewing them. Consider the following:

  • You may decide that you need to interview some Key Stakeholders in the process. A Key Stakeholder is a person or organization that may be impacted by process changes.
  • You may find it useful to interview one "power user" or "process expert" who is very experienced with the process. Interviews with people who actually work within the process will take place during the IS Phase so it is probably not necessary to interview more than one "process expert" at this time.
  • The key to selecting interviewees is to target individuals who are truly "in-the-know." However, be cautious because those "in-the-know" may maintain the same paradigms that are contributing to the problem.

  • Refer back to any notes you took in Step 1, Task 3-Review Information to determine if there is additional information you need to obtain. These notes may help you identify interviewees.
  • It is almost always useful to interview someone from Finance who does financial analysis for insight into the performance of the organization.
  • Depending on the importance of Information Technology to this process, you may want to consider interviewing someone from Information Services at this stage, although usually you can wait until the IS interviews to get to that level of detail.